International Conference on “Advances in Dementia” & “XXI National Conference of ARDSI”

22nd, 23rd & 24th September, 2017 The Gateway Hotel,Kolkata - Organized by ``ARDSI Calcutta Chapter``


Dear Friends,
Warm greetings from ARDSI Calcutta!
It is our privilege to introduce you our NGO, the Calcutta Chapter of the National Dementia platform ARDSI, which, in turn, is affiliated to the global parent ADI, London. ARDSI Calcutta is the only specialised Dementia organisation in the entire eastern and north-eastern region of India.
Dementia is fast rushing to hit the globe in a mammoth proportion of an epidemic, and India is slated to be the second worst-hit country, next only to China. The World Health Organisation has advised all nations to make Dementia immediately a health sector priority.
ARDSI Calcutta is organizing an International Conference on “Advances in Dementia” & “XXI National conference of ARDSI”, which will be held on 22nd, 23rd & 24th September, 2017 at The Gateway Hotel,Kolkata.
The Conference will host a number of national and international leaders, experts, medical professionals, care givers and persons with Dementia, who will deliberate on a wide range of issues, both medical and social.
Our aim is to utilize the proceeds from the event to help us start our Dementia Clinic & Care centre at Chandannagar which is under construction at the moment(PICS ABOVE)
We take this opportunity to request your valuable and robust support to make a difference to this urgent Dementia mission.